DeWayne Snelling

YEAR - 1997
MODEL - Eyra
COLOR - Teal/Silver
MOTOR - Mercury 175 EFI w/Brocato
SET BACK - 5.5"
ENGINE HEIGHT - Bob's, Hyd jack plate
PROP - 25 Tempest Plus
TOP SPEED -  72 - 78 on GPS
RPM - 6000 - 7000
Additional Information - this spring 2007 i added some bosen reeds (one of my stock reeds had a corner broken, grrrrr), bobs hyd jack plate , hyd steering, took off the oil injection system, add one wizard exhaust tuner. well anyway the boat is doing 74-75 in 95 degree air temp with 90% humidity .I cant wait till it cools off and i can get it in some 50 degree air:)) I know this thing will hit 80.I cant keep paint on the lower unit. I'm having some problems with cavitation errosion. .lol if anybody out there knows what that is. its when water passes under extreme pressure and it forms tiny air bubbles and the bubbles are like little chipping hammers when they collapse on the surface of the lower unit mostly on the port side in front of the wheel, that corrodes the aluminum...this fall I'm putting a bobs low water pick up unit on it, I'll let you know how it does.75mph not bad for a 175 eh? rpm with the 25 tempest plus wheel is right around 6500. The HYd Steering is awesome the boat handles so much better and gives you alot more room under the console. well my cat is 10 yrs old now and still looks brand new. ppl always tell me how good it looks and their mouths drop when i tell them its 10yrs old...this is the best color combo i have ever seen on a bass cat. BIG THANKS TO FARLEYS OUTBOARDS FOR THE HELP.