Christopher C. Coupel

YEAR - 2001
MODEL - Pantera Classic
COLOR - Candy apple red, Silver, Black fox
MOTOR - 2001 Mercury 200 EFI
SET BACK - 6" Manual slide master
ENGINE HEIGHT - 2 1/2" below pad
PROP - 25" Trophy plus: 26" Tempest plus
TOP SPEED - Loaded 73.8/  Light 75.1
RPM - loaded 6000/ light 6200
Additional Information - This boat is going on 5 years old and I love it.  It runs great and fishes just as good.  Speeds are under ideal conditions.  I have run as fast as 77.1 Mph on gps with some other props but they could not handle a fishing load.  On top of all this I still get plenty of complements from other anglers about how nice the old Cat looks.  Couldn't be happier.